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Our team

The association hands off - stop child abuse was founded in April 2020 by Marc C. RiebeChristian Tweer and lawyer Hans Boehme and has been recognized as a charitable organization in Switzerland since September 25, 2020 tax exempt. Victoria Riebe, Sabrina Schmid and Daniel Julien Imo complete the board. 95% of the donations go directly to prevention and the protection of children. Thanks to our lean structure, only 5% are used for administration and all board members are volunteers.

Marc C. Riebe in an interview with Südkurier in Constance

The initiative came about due to an alleged misjudgment by the Konstanz District Court when in July 2019 the pedophile Thomas Louis was sentenced to 2 years on probation, although he admitted sexual abuse against adolescents and possession of abuse pictures of the sexual parts of 5 to 8 year old boys "in provocative poses", which was not followed up either by the police or the prosecutor .

The prevention of children in kindergarten and elementary school, with plays such as “Paws away” and “My body is mine”, is our greatest concern. The association has set itself the goal of supporting the abused young people and helping them to get their rights and to bring further cases of child abuse to light, so that the population is better informed about the prevention of child abuse. The domicile is at the lawyer Markus Schmid in Zurich. The name change of the association took place on October 13.10.2020th, XNUMX.

Marc C. Riebe

Founder & Board of Directors

Christian Tweer

Founder & Board of Directors

Hans Boehme

Founder & Lawyer

Daniel Julien Imo

Founder & Board of Directors

Manuela Benkö-Ackermann

Child protection activist

Sabrina Schmid

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